Short Hairstyles for Round Faced Women Pictures

This can be a great challenge to find out the hairstyles that will best suit the shape of your face. With the help of the long hair you can lengthen the looks of your face but the most difficult part to face is when your face look odd with the hairstyle you chose.

This is the treason to select the proper hairstyle that can go with the shape of your face. If the layers of the hair are given proper attention and volume is added on the right places then the short hairstyles can go very well with the round faces. The most important part of the short hairstyle for round faces is the cut that is adopted. Also the length of the hair is important for the round faces.

The best short hairstyles for round faced women are the haircuts above the length of the chin or below the chin but many inches above the shoulders. If you have round face then you have to avoid hairstyles of the chin length as they will make your face look rounder.

If you are looking for very short hairstyle for round shape faces then the best option can be the pixie cut as it has short wispy layers that will break up the volume of the hair. Length is not the only thing that demands attention also the shape of the hair is important. Flat shape at the top of the head will make your face look rounder. Instead of soft medium length layers you can add on some of the visual height.

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